January 2020

Dumpy Tree Frogs Are Instagram Stars

If you're a frog lover, you have to check out this group of dumpy tree frogs on Instagram. Their owners run their "Dumb Thicc Dumpy Tree Frogs" page and it's full of such sweet frog goodness! Every little thing you love to watch frogs do? Yeah, they are doing it and more.

These frogs are adorable as they pile up, pose next to food, hide under a toadstool and more. My favorite is the one where the little green frog looks like he's bending his elbow to offer some sage advice. It's pretty meme-worthy.

Games For Couples

When it comes to date night, do you like to have a party for two and play games that are just for two players? We love to do this, but we find that games for only two players are harder to find. We'll often play Life or Battleship at our favorite beer and pizza place, but we'd love some other great two-player ideas. 

Take Action Today

Instead of sharing all of the woes of the world today, let's share a few ways we can make the world better. I'd like to start by saying you can phonebank for Elizabeth Warren (or any candidate you support; she is obviously mine), if you would like to help generate some support no matter where you live.

You can also ask that the government help support efforts in Australia. I'm sure that's breaking your heart. It's certainly breaking mine.

"Let It Grow"

If you've been waiting for this year's "All the Years Live" release, the wait is over! You can see "Let It Grow" from the July 8, 1990 performance at the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh now. Click here to watch!

Hardcore fans know that this was not an original standalone song, but the second part to "Weather Report Suite" in its original form. "Let It Grow" worked better as its own unique song so that's what the Dead went with instead. 

2020 Reading Challenge

It's a new year, which means Goodreads is all about setting up your big reading challenge. And if you're me, according to Goodreads, you're already 3 books behind, since I set over 100 books as my annual goal! No worries, though; I rate every comic book, homeschooling book and book I read for fun, which means I usually get well over 200 books read.

The Planner Frenzy

In the seventh grade, I got my first planner from my junior high school. We were meant to write our assignments in it, and I was hooked. What a fantastic way to remember what you needed to do! I loved to customize my planner, making special boxes for after-school activities, adding quotes and stickers and generally just staying on top of my life and being creative at the same time.

Norwegian Comfort Foods

If you're into getting a bit more hygge in your life, you might be trying out a bunch of Scandinavian desserts. They aren't necessary to experience hygge, of course, but it doesn't hurt to try them out. 

From cinnamon rolls to fresh baked bread, ebleskivers to bread porridge, there's really something for everyone and all of it sounds so homey and delicious to me. I'm not sure I trust my own hand at doing any of these treats justice and may simply try to find them on my own at various bakeries instead!

The 16-Year-Old Who Warned The British Were Coming

"Listen my children and you shall hear about the midnight ride of Paul Revere..." who hasn't learned this story in middle school? Paul Revere is hailed as an American hero who warned the American colonists that the British were coming during the Revolutionary War, but he really didn't do as much as Israel Bissell, who rode for DAYS, or Sybil Ludington, the 16-year-old girl who reportedly rode for double the length that Revere did to spread the news.

Nuclear Reactores 746 - Lakeland Electric In Central Florida Is Considering Investing In Nuclear Power

    There is little interest among U.S. utilities in constructing new nuclear power reactors. It is often mentioned as a possible energy source in planning but is seldom chosen as a top choice. Far more often, natural gas, solar or wind are chosen as the most viable and desirable options.

Radioactive Waste 430 - Researchers At The University of Sussex Discover That Depleted Uranium Can Be Used As A Chemical Catalyst

    Depleted uranium (DU) is a radioactive by-product from the production of nuclear energy. Most uranium in the crust of the earth is isotope U-238 which is mildly radioactive. About three quarters of one percent of natural uranium is U-235 which is highly radioactive. In order to fuel conventional nuclear power reactors, uranium ore is refined to increase the percent of U-235 to from three to five percent.